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Gardner Company’s main goals are to minimize risks and maximize profits of real estate developments. Our firm has individuals with years of hands-on experience in initial planning, financing, governmental design, leasing, legal, construction, and property management. We are determined to be efficient and cost-effective from start to finish.

Profits do not come at the sacrifice of quality. No matter what the circumstances or conditions, we strive to transform market challenges into profitable business ventures. Whether we build them from the ground up or improve them upon acquisition, we strive to produce an asset that appreciates for years to come. Gardner Company’s ability to deliver quality projects is the key reason for our success.


Real Estate Market Analysis

Feasibility Studies

Site Selection

Ownership Structuring


Economic Modeling

Land and Bulking Acquisitions

Parking and Traffic Planning

Sequencing / Scheduling

Governmental Relations

Zoning and Entitlements

Land Use Planning & Approvals

Environmental Impact Studies

Municipal and Other Approvals

Regulatory Compliance

Community & Neighbor Relations

Financial Planning

Feasibility Studies

Financial Modeling

Off-Balance Sheet Financing

Cash Flow Analysis

Loan Request Package Development

Debt/Equity Ownership Preparation

Equity Financing

Construction Financing

Permanent Mortgage Financing

Architectural Direction

Site Analysis

Master Planning

Functional Programming

Functional Design Development

Architectural Design

Civil Engineering

M.E.P. Engineering

Landscape Design

Interior Design

Property Managment

Stand-Up & Move-In Coordination

Management Systems & Procedures

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Tenant Relations Functions

Daily Management & Maintenance

Partnership Management

Equipment Warranty Documentation

Operation Budget Development

Revenue and Expense Reporting

Bid & Award Service Contracts

Lease Administration

Managed Properties

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