Our Commitment

One of the objectives of Gardner Company is to design and construct buildings that minimize the impact on the environment, improve the surroundings and enhance the workplace experience for our tenants. We are dedicated to construction buildings that are LEED certified, implement state of the art technology in energy efficiency, and are cost effective. Our goals is to use the latest technology in construction and materials so that the buildings we build reduce our carbon footprint, are environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.


Leed Certified

Our company is proud to construct buildings in accordance with LEED certification.  We build buildings that are efficient in energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, and indoor environmental quality.  From design to construction, operations to maintenance, we incorporate the framework provided by LEED to ensure building sustainability.

Solar Energy

Renewable energy is where the future lies.  Beginning in 2019, we began to go “Green” by installing solar panels at several of our office buildings.  Because solar power is renewable, a clean energy source, and scalable, we are able to harness the sun’s energy to power our buildings in a more efficient manner.

Public Transportation

We recognize that Utah is growing at a rapid pace.  Along with that growth comes the challenge of facilitating transportation, especially along the I-15 corridor. Locating our projects near TRAX, and Frontrunner locations has been a top consideration when determining where we develop.  Several of our projects are within a short walk to TRAX or Frontrunner stops.

Community Advocacy

Our company motto is “Building Communities” and part of that opportunity is to give back to the community.  It is important to us to partner with organizations such as the United Way in their initiative to improve the lives of children through high-quality early care and education.  In 2019 we worked closely with Salt Lake City, and Salt Lake County in the building of the new homeless shelters, and with Intermountain Health Care in the development of the new Kem C. Gardner Transformation Center.  Giving back to those in need is a significant part of our company culture.